The Foundation Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology wants to encourage new good quality scientific research towards the maintenance of good health, social participation and comfortable independence for all people up to a high age.

Non-profit organization
The Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology is a non-profit organization. We aim to be fully transparent in how the budget is acquired and spent.

The board members receive no remuneration for their work. The board members can receive compensation for the costs they have reasonably made in executing their duties, as described in the Articles of Association, Article 4.7.

Formal registration
The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Oost-Brabant (#1711 2801). The Inspector for Registration and Death Duties has appointed the Foundation as an organisation entitled to the lower rate for death duties (art. 24 section 4 of the Law on Death Duties 1956).

RSIN identification number: 8080.70.307.

Annual financial reports
The annual financial reports can be found here:
Financieel Jaarverslag 2011
Financieel Jaarverslag 2012
Financieel Jaarverslag 2013
Financieel Jaarverslag 2014
Financieel Jaarverslag 2015
Financieel Jaarverslag 2016
Financieel Jaarverslag 2017

The Foundation acquires her assets through donations, testamentary dispositions and legacies. The incoming gifts will be added in total to the capital of the Foundation. Interest on the capital will be used to support gerontechnology projects, more specifically in the form of travel grants and research stipends.

If you are considering to financially support the Foundation, you can either contact the board, or you can credit transfer your donation directly to Postbank, Amsterdam, #8074586 to the attention of the Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology, Utrecht, NL, with the notation ‘gift’.

In case you want to give a legacy to the Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology, you can use the following phrase in your testament:

“I donate a legacy to the amount of XXX, free from rights and charges, to the Foundation Herman Bouma fund for Gerontechnology, the Netherlands.”

Donations, legacies and testamentary dispositions are subject to a lowered fixed tax rate of 11% according to art. 24 section 4 of the Law on Death Duties 1956. Donations are free of tax charges up to an amount of Euro 4.143,= per 24 months. Legacies and testamentary dispositions up to Euro 8.281,= are free of Death Duty taxes (provided that the acquisition does not surmount the amounts mentioned). Each year, the amounts mentioned are subject to indexation.

More information is available from the Board of the foundation:
e-mail: a.sponselee(at)

Board of the Herman Bouma Fund for Gerontechnology Foundation
c/o Fontys Hogescholen,
Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 2, Room 2.411
PO Box 347
5600 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands