What is Gerontechnology?

Gerontechnology is an interdisciplinary field of scientific research in which technology is directed towards the aspirations and opportunities for the older persons. Gerontechnology aims at good health, full social participation and independent living up to a high age, be it research, development or design of products and services to increase the quality of life.

Gerontechnology lives at the crossroads of advancing technology and advancing age. Good health is of great importance to all older persons and increasingly so with progressing age. The International Society for Gerontechnology encourages the development of gerontechnology.

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Gerontechnology: why and how?” is the first textbook on theory and practice of this rapidly developing interdiscipline. Using insight and experience from many different scientific domains as well as from older people themselves, the way is paved towards a longer healthy and independent life of humans in our dynamic society full of information and communication networks.

The book is intended for university education and for workshops in the field of technology and aging. It has been structured for fulfilling the needs of GENIE, the Gerontechnology Education Network in Europe. GENIE is a project funded by the European Union and concerns the cooperation between 40 universities from 17 European countries.

Boxes have been added describing relevant projects in Europe, Japan, and the USA and Canada.

The book is published by Shaker Publishing BV, PO Box 3030, NL-6202 NA Maastricht, The Netherlands
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The book can be downloaded in pdf.